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October 2010- A double premiere for Romania and Eastern Europe took place in Cluj-Napoca: the first kidney transplant performed after a heart transplant.
    The 41 year old patient had had a heart transplant 5 years before then was diagnosed with chronically kidney failure and had been treated with hemodialysis for about one year.
    The medical team led by Professor Mihai Lucan, Ph.D transplanted a kidney donated by his mother. The surgery was successful and the patient was able to leave the hospital after two weeks.
    The loss of the renal function could appear within 5 years to patients who had a heart transplant with a rate of 11%, a percent that rises to 15% in the case of lung transplant. For the liver transplant the rate is 18% as for the intestine transplant is 21%.

September 2010- National premiere at the Clinical Institute of Urology and Kidney Transplant, Cluj-Napoca.
    The medical team led by Professor Mihai Lucan, Ph.D performed the first transplant in Romania where kidneys were removed from a non heart beating donor.
    The donor, a 35 year old woman with secondary cerebral vascular accident had been already diagnosed with brain death, the cardiac arrest happened while undergoing surgery to remove the kidneys.
    The kidneys were successfully transplanted to two patients on the waiting list, who had been diagnosed with kidney failure.
    NHBD (Non Heart Beating Donor) can donate different types of tissues and organs: kidneys, liver, lungs.
    The use of an agreement would rise the number of transplants performed, giving hope to the patients placed on waiting lists for years.

Remote surgery (telesurgery): May 13, 2003
     Performed by connecting Cluj-Napoca to Munich. The surgery was made possible by the use of the AESOP robot and the SOCRATES system that allowed the remote control of the robot's arm.
     The two surgical teams, CIUKT Cluj-Napoca led by Professor Mihai Lucan, PhD and Robotics Surgery Munich led by Professor Ralph Senner, successfully performed the kidney graft. Remote surgery allows patients to benefit from the specialized expertise of two medical teams even though they are not physically in the same location.

Robotic surgery: Da Vinci Surgical system
     Robotic surgery is a revolutionary system that expands the surgeon's abilities beyond classical surgery or laparoscopy.
     The surgeon is empowered with the eyes of an eagle, the strength of an elephant and the delicacy of a snowflake, all by means of the robot's arm.
     The patient has the advantage to undergo a minimally invasive surgery, performed with microscopic precision and benefit from a shorter hospital stay and a quick recovery.

Pioneering surgery performed
at The Clinical Institute of Urology and Kidney Transplant, Cluj-Napoca:
   The first pancreas transplant

   The broadest expertise in kidney transplant from Romania:
      »  the first pediatric transplants
      »  the first graft transplants with anatomic malformations
      »  laparoscopic kidney removal
      »  the first Domino transplants in Romania
      »  the first transplants performed after immunomodulation by plasmapheresis procedures
      »  the first robot assisted kidney removal, coordinated by telesurgery
      »  the first kidney transplant in Europe that involved a donor in clinical death

   Endoscopic procedures related to urology

   Reconstructive surgery of the urinary tract

   Microwave treatment of the prostatic adenoma
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